An incredible and unique rags to riches story, Searching for Sugar Man documents the story of the mysterious, believed-to-be-dead American musician called Rodriguez who became secretly famous in South Africa during the 1970s. Decades later, Sixto Rodriguez was discovered in Detroit and was able to book sold out shows in South Africa.

World Music/CRASHarts is presenting Rodriguez in Boston on May 9th!

Ain’t that the truth

Martha Redbone mixes funk and R&B with Cherokee and Choctaw music.

Great things are created when cultures come together!

Johnny Clegg is a great musician, anthropologist, and human being.

I like contemporary dance

Watch this until 0:35, and your mind will be blown! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the throat singing of Huun Huur Tu!

Does anyone else love music festivals as much as I do???

…and this is just in the US!

Bob Dylan's lost lyrics are now being turned into songs by a bunch of talented musicians, including Elvis Costello, Rhiannnon Giddens, and Marcus Mumford! Learn more here: